Adoption and Permanence Orders

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If a child has been in care of someone other than his or her parents for some time the social workers involved with the family may apply to the court for a permanence order. Similarly the child or children’s carers may apply to the court to adopt.

The process begins with a petition being made on behalf of the carers or local council. This is usually accompanied by two reports: one from a social worker and another from a lawyer. The petition is lodged at the local Sheriff Court and a first hearing is then fixed.

The reasons for the adoption or permanence order may be that the parents of the children are incapable of looking after them. This may be disputed by the parents and the court may require to hear evidence from the social workers, foster carers, parents and other family members to decide what is in the child’s best interests.

If you have been caring for a child for some time and want to know what your legal options are you should consult an adoption lawyer. If you have received a petition and wish to find out what your legal options are you should consult an adoption lawyer. Latta & Co solicitors have experience pursing and defending adoption petitions. We also have experience defending permanence orders and pursuing rehabilitation of children to their birth parents.

You may be eligible for legal aid to pursue an adoption, or defend adoption or permanence orders. Latta & co solicitors can asses your eligibility.

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