Benefits Appeals

Latta & Co Solicitors – Benefits appeal lawyers based in Glasgow and assisting clients in preparing their benefits appeal cases for tribunals. Benefits include Income Support, Disability Living allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Job Seeker’s allowance, Housing Benefit, Child Benefit, Working and Child Tax Credits and Universal credits.

Many people in Scotland are experiencing reductions on the benefits they are receiving. This may be a benefits entitlement being stopped or a lower rate being offered by benefit’s agencies. Either way those individuals may have a right to appeal the decision of the Department for Works and Pensions or the Job Centre.
Welfare Right’s officers are available to represent appellants in the tribunals in the Glasgow area. These officers have extensive experience dealing with benefits cases; however, they cannot carry out certain investigations for you regarding your medical conditions.

Latta & Co solicitors work with Welfare Right’s Officers to provide clients with a robust service for benefits appeals cases. We can provide prospective appellants with initial advice, advise them of the legal tests to be met, arrange for a medical report and prepare their case for the Welfare Right’s officer to represent them. The majority of clients with benefits appeal cases qualify for Legal Aid and we can assess their eligibility.

If your benefits have been stopped or reduced and you need advice regarding appealing the decision we would be happy to help. Contact us for appointment with one of our benefit appeal lawyers please contact us via telephone on 0141 222 2185, email or book a consultation here via the website.



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