Children’s Lawyers

Latta & Co Solicitors – Children’s lawyers based in Glasgow and providing legal services to children and young adults across Scotland in all forms of legal matters. We also provide legal services to parents involved in children’s cases including social work grounds for referral cases, criminal matters and family law disputes.

Latta & Co solicitors have experience representing children in legal disputes and social work referral cases. Whether a child has committed an offence or there are issues regarding the care of the children we can provide legal advice, assistance and representation to children.

Our particular focus on Human Rights ensures that children’s rights are not forgotten about during court proceedings at in Children’s Hearings. Our children’s lawyers, although based in Glasgow travel to represent clients in Inverness, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Elgin, Stirling, Dumfries and elsewhere throughout Scotland.

Legal Aid is usually available to children and young persons and our children’s lawyers can carry out an assessment of your eligibility. If you are a child involved in a legal case whether it involves Children’s Hearings, or cases in the Sheriff Court or Court of Session, we can help.

To arrange an appointment with one of our Children’s Lawyers in Glasgow or to arrange a Skype meeting with one of our Children’s Lawyers please contact us via telephone on 0141 222 2185, email or book a consultation here via the website.

We offer friendly and understandable advice and will focus on your best interests throughout the process.



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