Civil Law

Civil Law includes: Family Law, Children’s Hearings, Personal Injury claims; Adoptions and permanence orders; Evictions; mortgage rights; contract disputes; company and commercial litigation; employment law; and judicial review. Latta & Co solicitors are civil lawyers in Glasgow with experience dealing with cases across all areas of civil law for clients across Scotland.

The rights of individuals and how they interact with other people is governed mainly by Civil Law. Civil Law is concerned with obligations that persons owe each other. For example: the obligation not to cause another person injury or the obligation to look after a child properly. For each obligation another person will have a right. For example: the right not to be injured due to the fault of another person or (in the case of a child) to be properly cared for. It is when these obligations are breached or there is some conflict between one person’s rights with another’s that a Civil Law dispute usually arises.

The rights and obligations referred to can be created by statues such as the Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985; the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 or the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011. They can be created by contracts between individuals (common contracts include mortgage agreements, building contracts and credit agreements). They can be created by the European Convention on Human Rights or another international instrument. They can be created by the decisions of courts.

Latta & Co solicitors offer professional advice, assistance and representation in all areas of civil law including:

• Family Law / Divorce
• Children’s Hearings and Grounds for Referral hearings
• Personal Injury and Medical Negligence
• Adoptions and Permanence Orders
• Contract disputes and Commercial Litigation
• Evictions and Housing
• Judicial Review

Latta & Co solicitors can asses your eligibility for Civil Legal Aid to cover your legal costs in most areas of civil law. If you have a civil law problem contact us for an appointment with one of our Civil Lawyers via telephone on 0141 222 2185, email or book a consultation here via the website.



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