Divorce in Scotland – A Collaborative Approach

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“Divorce: The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.”

Common impressions of divorce within our society today center around blame, hostility and the breakdown of family units. A sense of apprehension strikes at the thought of the ‘divorce process’ and the acrimonious relationships to follow.

Here in Scotland, there is a way in which these views can be erased and the process of divorce for separating couples can involve minimal animosity.

We recently introduced a new member to our ever-growing team here at Latta & Co and with this new introduction comes a new service.

Elise Thomson has trained as a Collaborative Lawyer, which aims to deal with the separation of couples out with court and through carefully constructed and supported meetings. The collaborative divorce process offers a non-confrontational way of agreeing both legal and practical arrangements of a couple’s divorce.

When a family unit breaks down, there are several crucial considerations which must be addressed with immediacy; how will our assets split equally? Where will our children stay? How will I cope financially alone? However, it is understandable that during this time, tensions will be running high between both parties and better judgment may be clouded. Where there are young children involved, their best interests must be at the forefront of any decision made. Throughout the separation, communication is key, and the collaborative process ensures discussions move forward with the assistance of a Collaborative Lawyer. Children are protected from the fallout associated with a traditional court case, civil contact is kept intact and you retain the control over the decisions made for your future.

Divorce does not have to be an unfair or troublesome process. The separation can be done objectively and successfully with the help of the collaborative approach. If this is something that you think would suit your current circumstances, contact Elise Thomson on 0141 222 2185.

Divorce in Scotland – A Collaborative Approach by HLB

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