Divorce or Dissolution

In Scotland the ground for divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership is an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship. An irretrievable breakdown can be established in one of four ways:
• Adultery;
• Unreasonable behaviour;
• The separation of the couple for one year where they both consent to the divorce or dissolution; or
• The separation of the couple for two years.

Latta & Co solicitors can provide you with advice on raising an action for divorce or dissolution.

Financial division of the couple’s assets is one of the main issues upon divorce or dissolution. The financial property of the marriage or civil partnership should be shared fairly between the parties. There are a number of different financial orders that can be sought in a divorce or dissolution. These financial orders need to be sought prior to a divorce or dissolution being granted. The family lawyers at Latta & Co are experienced in providing advice on financial division on divorce or dissolution. We can also take steps to prevent the disposal of any matrimonial assets by your spouse or partner.

The other issue upon divorce or dissolution is the care of the children of the relationship. Family disputes over children can be acrimonious. The family lawyers at Latta & Co can assist in obtaining residence of or contact with children. We can also provide advice if there is a risk that your spouse or partner will attempt to remove the children from your care of the country.

The break-up of a relationship can be extremely stressful and emotional. If you have separated from your spouse or partner, Latta & Co solicitors can provide you with advice on your legal position and rights. You may be eligible for legal aid and our lawyers can assess your eligibility. It is important to obtain legal advice as early as possible after a separation.

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