The Expertise to Help You Gain Entry to The UK

Entry clearance simply means that your visa application has been granted. At Latta & Co we specialise in helping out clients with entry clearance application in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. Our solicitors have helped countless people from around the world to obtain entry clearance in the UK Whether you are seeking a student visa, a marriage visa or a work permit, our team can help.

Professional Assistance with Your Entry Clearance Application in Scotland

We understand that people want to come to the UK for a variety of reasons which is why we offer a range of services that support an entry clearance application in Scotland. It is really important that you seek expert legal advice when preparing your entry clearance application in Glasgow or anywhere in the UK.

If you do not get expert assistance with your application or supporting information you could risk your application being rejected. Whilst some rejections can be overturned by an entry clearance appeal, many cases carry no right of appeal.

Entry Clearance Appeal in Scotland – We May Be Able to Help If You Have Been Refused Entry

If your entry clearance application in Scotland has been turned down, we may be able to help you appeal. We offer all-round advice and assistance and have helped many clients to appeal against a refusal from the Home Office. We can help with all immigration issues from the very first application through to appeal.

If you need assistance with your entry clearance appeal in Scotland from a team with years of immigration experience, we would be delighted to help. There are many reasons why an application may be rejected and it could be something as simple as missing paperwork or an error in your application.

Speak to Latta & Co today and we will handle your entry level application in Glasgow to the very highest standard ensuring that your application and documentation is complete before submission. Our immigration lawyers have an excellent track record when it comes to resolving entry clearance appeal Scotland cases too.



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