Family Law

Family Law issues include: Divorce and separation, Civil Partnership Dissolution, Parental Rights, Co-habitation claims, child custody advice, contact with children, residence and adoption – Latta & Co solicitors, Family Lawyers in Glasgow, providing advice, assistance and representation to clients involved in family disputes across Scotland.

Family disputes are extremely stressful and emotional for those involved. They may result in families being split up permanently and members having to live outwith the family home. The arrangements for the care of children may be in dispute by parents. There may be matrimonial property and other financial issues, which need to be resolved. Members of families in such a stressful situation will benefit from having an experienced Family Lawyer representing them. Latta & Co solicitors have experience dealing with all areas of family law and can provide advice on separation agreements; parental rights agreements, and all forms of divorce and civil partnership resolution.

If parents cannot agree where the children should live (formally known as “residence”) and how often the child should visit the other parent (formally known as “contact”); the Sheriff Court can regulate the care arrangements for children. Latta & Co solicitors can assist clients in negotiating parental rights, residence and contact. We also have extensive experience raising contact and residence court actions, attending Child Welfare Hearings and protecting parent’s rights in both the Sheriff Court and Court of Session.

Sometimes children need to live with people other than their parents. This may be a grandparent, stepparent, family friend, aunt or uncle, or sibling of the child. Latta & Co solicitors can assist in regulating the care of children in such a situation, applying for adoption and obtaining parental rights.

If you are involved in a family dispute or require any advice from a family lawyer please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. You may be eligible for Legal Aid and we would be delighted to assess your eligibility. You will not be charged for this assessment, which can be carried out in minutes. Telephone 0141 222 2185, email or book a consultation here via the website



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