Why Choose Latta & Co For Your Family Reunion in Scotland?

The immigration solicitors at Latta & Co are experts when it comes to handling applications for family reunion in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. We have helped many satisfied clients to overcome the legalise and complexities of UK immigration law by building strong cases for family reunion in Scotland.

We offer professional, fast and reliable services and we can offer the following services if you decide you wish to instruct us to represent you:

  • Our immigration solicitors will collect detailed instructions from you and give you advice on the relevant procedure that needs to be adopted in accordance with Home Office or UKBA regulations.
  • We will appoint an immigration solicitor who will give you advice on the strengths and weaknesses of your individual case.
  • We will also advise you of what documentary evidence is required to support your application for family reunion in Scotland.
  • We will review all documents submitted to us and discuss these with you to ensure we have all the relevant paperwork in place.
  • Your immigration solicitor will discuss your case with you in detail and complete the relevant forms.
  • We will then prepare your complete application including a covering letter that supports your family reunion in Scotland.
  • Once your application has been submitted we will keep in touch with the Immigration Officer to follow up the application and expedite a decision.
  • We will continue to support your application and complete any follow ups that are required until a decision has been reached.

How Can Latta & Co Help?

At Latta & Co we offer a wide range of legal services with a special focus on immigration and human rights. This puts you in a very positive position if you are looking for support with your family reunion in Glasgow or with any other immigration matter. Speak to our immigration solicitors today to begin the process and to find out more about the services we can offer you.

We offer professional, fast and friendly support and treat each case individually. That means we can tailor our legal services to suit your exact needs. If you are seeking assistance with your family reunion in Scotland, give our team a call today.




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