Judicial Review

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Public bodies and some private organisations can have their decisions reviewed by the judges at the Court of Session. The review process is not a right of appeal but does usually require that the decision maker’s appeal procedure has been exhausted.

Any person affected by a decision maker may petition the Court of Session for judicial review if there are reasonable grounds for doing so. The grounds for judicial review are that the:

• Decision taken was illegal;
• Process of the decision-maker was unfair;
• Decision was irrational and unreasonable;
• Decision disproportionately interfered with an individual’s human rights.

If a decision maker has made a decision, which has had an affect on you, and you believe they were wrong to come to that decision you should consult a Judicial Review Lawyer. There is no time-limit for bringing a judicial review to court. However, it is generally accepted by the court that if a review is not made within 6 months of the decision being made the person bringing the petition may have to explain why it has taken so long to bring the petition. The more time that passes after the decision is made the less likely the court will hear the review.

Latta & Co solicitors have extensive experience dealing with Judicial Review cases. We can offer you advice, assistance and representation in the judicial review process and you may be eligible for legal aid.

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