Supervision Orders for Children

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A supervision order (more formally Compulsory Supervision Order) is an order made a children’s hearing in respect of child where grounds for referral have been established in court. They can last up to one year and place a number of measures on the child or children.

An interim Compulsory Supervision Order is an order made for a shorter period (up to 22 days) and operates much the same as a normal Compulsory Supervision Order. The main difference is that this order can be made by a children’s hearing or Sheriff before grounds for referral have been established. The order has to be renewed within 22 days.

Grounds for referral are usually brought by the Children’s Reporter when concerns are raised by education, health or social workers or a child is accused of a crime.

When a Children’s Hearing makes a decision in respect of a child the child and all “relevant persons” (for examples the child’s parents) have a right to appeal to the Sheriff against the decision.

When the Children’s Reporter wishes to apply to the court or Children’s Hearing for grounds for referral to be established, both the children involved and the parents have an opportunity to be represented and for their views to given to the court.

Latta & Co solicitors represent children and parents in grounds for referral hearings and appeals against compulsory supervision orders. We understand the difficulties these interferences create for children and families. Our Human Rights focus requires us to be client focused and ensure that our client’s human rights are only being interfered with in accordance with the law and that this interference is proportionate.

If you or your children are subject to a Compulsory Supervision Order or Grounds of referral are being considered please contact one of our Children’s Lawyers immediately on 0141 222 2185 or by email:



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