We Can Help With Your Visa Appeal in Scotland

Have you been refused a UK visa? Do you think you were unfairly refused or do you have new documentation to support your appeal?

If you have been given the right to a visa appeal in Scotland, we can help. You must appeal against any immigration decision within 28 days of receiving your letter of refusal.

Why Choose Latta Law to Handle Your Visa Appeal in Scotland

The immigration experts at Latta Law can give you advice and support throughout the visa appeal process. We have years of experience dealing with appeals against refusal to enter the UK on a visa and offer friendly, reliable and professional help every step of the way.

Our team of solicitors offer peace of mind and the highest level of expertise when it comes to handling your visa appeal in Glasgow. We understand the red tape and legislation that can prevent your entry being granted and we will work hard to build a solid case for appeal against a refusal decision.

The Visa Appeal Glasgow Process – What We Will Do For You

Our visa and UK immigration solicitors will get detailed information from you and give you advice about the laws and legislation that could affect your entry into the UK. By reviewing your case in more detail we can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your UK visa appeal.

We will go over your refusal letter to identify the reasons for visa refusal so that we can provide the best support throughout the appeal process.

Once we receive notification of your hearing date we will let you know and support you through this process. Our immigration solicitors are experts when it comes to understanding immigration legislation and the essential information required to support your case throughout the visa appeal Scotland process.

Call Our UK Visa Specialists Today

Call Latta Law today for help with your visa appeal in Glasgow or indeed anywhere in Scotland. We have helped many clients to appeal against a refusal decision and we could do the same for you.





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