The Fast Track to a Work Permit in Scotland

If you are looking to obtain a work permit in Scotland or any other part of the UK, Latta & Co can help. In the majority of cases, a work permit will need to be applied for by your employer under the Work Permits Scheme run by the Home Office. There are many types of work permit, including:

  • Business permits.
  • Commercial permits
  • Trading permits.
  • Work experience permits.
  • Sports and entertainment permits.
  • Internship permits.

We can help you to apply for a work permit in Glasgow and our team of experts are standing by ready to assist. We provide a wide range of legal services with a special focus on immigration and human rights in the UK. We can give your employer the advice and assistance they need to apply for a permit on your behalf.

We Can Help With Any Work Permit Glasgow Application – Call Now

We have been assisting organisations for years when it comes to identifying and obtaining the most suitable permits for employees wishing to work in the UK. We understand the key criteria that needs to be fulfilled and the paperwork that must be in place. Don’t risk your application for a work permit in Scotland being turned down. Leave it to our experts to take care of the finer details.

There are certain rules that must be followed when applying for a work permit. For example, your employer must be trading and established or about to start operating in the UK. A work permit can only be applied for when a job role has been filled. You can only apply for a work permit for a person and not a position. It is also important to know that work permits are only normally issued to people with degree level education or with specialist skills.

Whether you are an organisation applying for a work permit in Scotland on somebody else’s behalf or you are looking for work in the UK and wish to find out more about the process, our immigration experts can assist. Speak to Latta & Co today and begin your UK adventure with total peace of mind.



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