Eviction and Housing Issues

Evictions and Housing issues includes: mortgage repossession; mortgage rights; landlord and tenant disputes; tenancy repairs. Latta & Co solicitors – Housing lawyers based in Glasgow offering advice, assistance representation to clients across Scotland.

A home is an important thing for everyone. When someone threatens to have you removed from your home you need urgent legal advice from a Housing lawyer. Whether your bank is threatening to reposess your home or a landlord is threatening to evict you Latta & Co solicitors can help you.

Mortgage lenders are bound by the Homeowners and Debtors Protection (Scotland) Act 2010 and must carry out a number of pre-action requirements before initiating proceedings to repossess your home. Even if the mortgage lender has complied with these requirements they must apply to the Sheriff Court for an order to remove you from the home. The Sheriff will only grant such an order if he is satisfied that it is reasonable to do so. If you are falling behind with mortgage payments and you are concerned with what your lender might do we would be delighted to assist you and provide you with much needed advice. You may be eligible for Legal Aid and we can asses your eligibility. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Landlords are bound by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 and must comply with the terms of the act and the terms contained in your lease before evicting you. If you are being threatened with eviction you should consult a Housing lawyer immediately. Latta & Co solicitors can provide you with advice and assistance and you may qualify for legal aid. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Your landlord may have refused or failed to carry out necessary repairs on your tenancy. Latta & Co solicitors can advise you if you can apply to the court to force your landlord to carry out the repairs. Legal aid may be available to you. To speak to one of our eviction lawyers contact us via telephone on 0141 222 2185, email enquiries@lattalaw.co.uk or book a consultation here via the website.



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