Need a Sponsor Licence in Scotland for Foreign Employees? We Can Help.

If you are an employer looking to recruit foreign nationals under the Government’s points based system you will need to obtain a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence. We can help you with registration and application for a Sponsor Licence and ensure the your application goes through as smoothly as possible.

In order to obtain a Sponsor Licence in Scotland you will need to register with the UK Border Agency (UKBA). If your application is approved, they will issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Helping You To Understand Your Role as a Tier 2 Sponsor

At Latta & Co we understand the complexities immigration law and how to push through applications with the least amount of fuss. That means working closely with organisations and employers to ensure we have the right supporting documents and information right from the start. We can also help you to understand your responsibilities as a Tier 2 sponsor.

As a Tier 2 Sponsor it is your responsibility to:

  • Issue your employees with certificates of sponsorship as required.
  • Ensure that you maintain up to date records of your employees including details of their work permits and visas.
  • Report any breaches in the conditions set out by the UKBA.

Once you have been issued with your Sponsor Licence in Glasgow you will be permitted to issue certificates of sponsorship to your employees. The certificate itself consists of a unique number that details the name and personal details of the employee, their position in your company and other relevant details.

How Latta & Co Can Help You With Your Sponsor Licence in Glasgow

We can give you professional advice and assistance when applying as a Tier 2 Sponsor. We can also give you advice about your ongoing responsibilities as an employer and the recordkeeping you need to maintain in order to protect your Sponsor Licence in Scotland.

Our immigration solicitors have years of experience in helping individuals and businesses to register and apply to the Home Office and UKBA for a wide range of visas, work permits and other entry documents. Give Latta & Co a call today to find out more about our services and how we can help you.



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