Seeking Asylum in Scotland? Let Our Immigration Experts Help.

At Latta & Co, we have years of experience when it comes to providing specialist legal advice on immigration, asylum and human rights. We can give you advice and assistance in legal cases that involve:

  • Asylum applications.
  • Protection of human rights.
  • Refusals and appeals.
  • Applications for your family to join you in the UK.

We are a specialist team of solicitors and we are skilled and trained to secure asylum for our clients in the UK. If you are seeking asylum in Glasgow or anywhere else in the UK, we can help.

Are You Currently in the UK and Seeking Asylum?

If you are in the UK because you have been forced to flee from your home country or have another reason why you cannot return home, our solicitors are ready to assist. Many of our clients are seeking asylum in Scotland because they fear for their lives or for the lives of their family. Speak to us today to arrange a convenient appointment.

Our dedicated team of asylum solicitors have years of knowledge and experience in assisting with asylum cases and we can prepare and submit applications for asylum in the UK for adults and minors. We can also help you to apply for an extension of stay if you have been refused asylum but granted Discretionary Leave to Remain.

Call Latta & Co For Help With Your Asylum in Scotland Application

We keep up to date with the latest Home Office legislation and our team of lawyers will help you with your application from start to finish. If you have left your country for humanitarian reasons we will do all we can to get you settled in the UK as quickly as possible. We will discuss your case in detail with you and can also arrange interpretation services if you or your family members do not speak English.

Call Latta & Co today for expert assistance with your asylum Scotland application. We have years of experience and specialise in immigration and human rights cases.

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